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  • We have helped 10,000+ companies recover debts since 2009.

    Credit Management

    With more than 200 international partners, we focus on Hong Kong's local bad debt market.

    We operate legally and comply with regulatory requirements.

  • 10 common signs of bad debts

    If you fail to recognize the signs, you may lose everything quickly

    Common signs of bad debts include:


     Inconsistent company information (name cards, details)

     Contact person claims to be an employee but cannot connect you to the responsible person

     Purchase orders and recipients are not the same company

     Responsible person is unavailable when collection is due

     History of civil litigation

     Depositing bounced checks

     Requesting payment extensions

     Company phones often unanswered

     Moved offices without notice

     Responsible person is not in the company long-term


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  • About Debt Hunter

    Debt Hunter is Hong Kong's leading debt collection agency. Established in 2009, we are committed to protecting the legitimate rights and interests of SMEs and ensuring the security of the business environment.


    With years of experience, we combine psychology, technology and legal expertise to achieve the best recovery rate while balancing 'legality' and 'effectiveness'.


    We handle various commercial disputes arising from 'delays' and 'quality issues', including counterclaim cases, especially in high-risk areas such as wholesaling and construction engineering.


    Our debt collection team consists of more than 20 professional personnel who can quickly visit various districts and use various legal and effective means to negotiate with the other party to obtain the highest recovery rate, with successful cases in all walks of life.


    We have a dedicated team to investigate lost contact debtor companies and individuals, with exclusive credit databases to leave debtors with nowhere to hide.

  • Looking for a professional debt collection company in Hong Kong?

    Debt Hunter is your best choice. We focus on helping companies recover commercial debts and dispatch expert teams to handle outstanding debts in different industries in the most effective way.

    call center

    Others: Originally a call center

    Main business: Provide outsourced contact services

    In addition to including telephone sales, questionnaire surveys, member management, it also includes telephone debt collection services

    loan agency

    Others: Originally a loan agency

    Main business: Provide lending services

    In addition to collecting debts for themselves, they also occasionally 'moonlight' to help other customers collect debts



    The only business is to help companies recover commercial arrears

    We focus on helping companies recover commercial debts and dispatch expert teams to handle outstanding debts in different industries in the most effective way to speed up collection

  • Debt Hunter brings together the top talents in the industry

    Debt Hunter is a team of more than 20 debt collection experts. We have experienced debt collectors, professional mediators, private investigators and senior engineering contract consultants.


    We adopt exclusive debt collection methods, combining psychology, information technology and legal expertise. By thoroughly investigating and accurately analyzing the target company's operating conditions, we guarantee high recovery rates and maximize recovery amounts.

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  • Recover debts in 3 simple steps

    Once you entrust Debt Hunter with the outstanding debts, we will start processing your case and regularly report progress to you.


    Entrustment: Provide debtor information and invoice copies as much as possible.


    Waiting: Let us focus on handling your case, you can focus on your daily business.


    Recovery: We will notify the debtor to directly return the outstanding debts to your bank account.

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  • legal debt collection

    100% risk-free

    Entrust Debt Hunter to recover your outstanding debts with 100% risk-free protection for more peace of mind.


    We strictly comply with Hong Kong laws and regulatory requirements to ensure compliant debt collection actions. We keep customer information confidential and detailed collection records, including debtor call recordings.


    No hidden fees. We charge commissions after successful recovery. We do not collect repayments on your behalf. We notify debtors to directly return outstanding debts to your bank account.

  • We strictly comply with Hong Kong laws and regulatory requirements

    Hong Kong Monetary Authority
    Hong Kong Monetary Authority
    Code of conduct listed in Recovery of Loans and Advances of the Code of Banking Practice
    Quarterly circulars about Debt Collection Agents Employed by Authorized Institutions
    Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data
    Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data
    Code of Practice on Consumer Credit Data and other guidelines on personal data
    Securities and Futures Commission
    Securities and Futures Commission
    Debt Collection Guidelines for Licensed Corporations
    Estate Agents Authority
    Estate Agents Authority
    Code of practice issued in Circular “Using Debt-Collection Companies
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